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June 10 2021

Casting Workbook announces launch of new Producer Essentials Video Series

New Content Partnership offers aspiring and existing producers 16+ hours of masterclass learning & valuable industry forms, templates & guides for only $299.

Announcement highlights

  • Casting Workbook is announcing a special partnership to deliver the Producer Essentials video series for only $299.
  • The 12-module video series offers more than 16 hours of valuable learning content aimed towards creatives interesting in producing.
  • Included in the $299 price is a $50 annual membership fee to PE Plus+, which includes a monthly pre-recorded video seminar.
  • Further, PE Plus+ offers additional video bonus content, important documents, flow charts, Union and Government guideline information as well as helpful templates and forms every producer will need.  
  • Featuring masterclass instruction with top industry lawyers, executives and producers from Sony Pictures, Apple+, Netflix and more.
  • Whether you’re a Freemium or Pro Casting Workbook member, visit to get Producer Essentials & PE Plus+ today. 

(Los Angeles, CA) June 10, 2021 – Casting Workbook announced today in partnership with Producer Essentials, a new video masterclass series for aspiring and existing producers who are looking to take the next step & bring their dream creative project to life. Producer Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Affairs and Production Law for Film & Television offers subscribers the information they need to effectively navigate the Film & TV production landscape and get their first creative project off the ground. Whether you’re an actor, director, writer, an aspiring business professional or a passionate creative interested in how the production industry works, this series was designed to save aspiring producers time and money.  

Developed and designed by top entertainment and media lawyers, Lori Massini & Heather Watt, Producer Essentials and PE Plus+ brings together current industry legal experts & business professionals to provide step-by-step instruction, essential information & firsthand experience into every video session.  

Through 12 video sessions with more than 16 hours of learning content, this self-paced course covers all aspects of producing a film or television production, from financing the project and post-production requirements to marketing and pitching your project to investors, festivals, and distributors. 

Included in the value-priced $299 package is a one-year membership to PE Plus+ which includes a monthly pre-recorded video seminar and several livestream events featuring top industry lawyers, executives and producers from Sony Pictures, Apple+, Netflix and more. Each month, the PE Plus+ seminars will dive deeper into each module and will feature expansive interviews with top Producer Essentials instructors, showcase member success stories, and offer case studies while also addressing questions directly from active course members. 

Further, the PE Plus+ membership offers members access to additional video content, important forms, flow charts, Union and Government guidelines as well as helpful templates aspiring producer will want to have. 

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