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Actor App

This powerful Actor app is professional, affordable and benefits everyone. Say bye-bye to upside down video and non-standard file types.

Actor membership required

Voice Casting

Easily, the most advanced voice casting submission software in the world. Our new A.I. patent-pending voice casting products are being released imminently.


Casting & Agents, choose one or more actors or sessions to package selected demos, auditions, photos, resumes & notes to forward & track.

Actors, create tailored pitches and track.

In the Studio

From our laptop capture equipment & software to our Session runner app, taking polaroids with talent check-ins, including our Companion App, and making talent photos & resumes available without killing a single tree. We bring you iSAM.


Casting, send entire submissions or selected lists to your casting or production teams for efficient collaboration of notes, choices and select lists with printed reports for video or voice.

Actors & agents, your client profile materials are integrated into the total casting process.

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