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May 11 2020

Casting Workbook Announces New Virtual Casting Room Platform Designed to Support Evolving Film & Television Industry

Tied Seamlessly to a Robust Casting Platform for Production, Casting, Agents and Actors.Now, Actors can be Scheduled into Secure Virtual Video Waiting Rooms to be Directed,Recorded and Shared.

Announcement highlights

  • Virtual Casting Room (‘VCR’) Will be available to Casting Directors and Studios beginning this May.
  • By request only, VCR will always be Free for agents and actors.
  • Demos and Tours of VCR will be available to Casting offices big and small over the summer months.
  • While many companies laid off staff and shut their doors during massive revenue reductions, Casting Workbook made the decision to invest and keep their entire staff, pivoting their product lines to help as many as possible.

Casting Workbook has once again disrupted the industry and introduced anew innovative product designed to propel production. This morning, Company Founder & CEO Susan Fox announced the launch of Casting Workbook’s new Virtual Casting Room service (VCR) which has been in development for the past year and is now in a strategic pivot to meet the new demands of a post-COVID19 Quarantine industry.VCR is fully automated and includes everything an actor needs to prepare and show up for their Virtual Audition. They can pre-check in to the session in advance much like a pre-flight check in before heading to the airport. Their sides, video directions, information forms with product and scheduling conflicts, the script breakdown as well as role descriptions are included. Everything is then bundled with their online photos, resumes and even demo reels when available and sent via an elegant Sharing Platform to the production team to selected candidates.For Casting, the process replicates ‘as much as possible’ their in-the-room experience allowing session runners to check in talent from a Kiosk and invite them into the room from the virtual waiting room. There will definitely be support required during the first sessions and Casting Workbook is planning to provide dedicated casting assistance to those who need it.