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March 1 2023

Casting Workbook, the fastest growing casting platform worldwide.

Mexico’s Quién magazine spoke with Susan Fox, the creator of this innovative platform that revolutionizes the way casting is done worldwide.

27 years ago, Susan Fox, passionate about the entertainment industry, started a technology company with the goal of connecting actors with casting directors and producers. Currently, Casting Workbook is not only the platform with the highest growth in its niche, but it has revolutionized the way casting is done worldwide.

“We work hand in hand with production companies, casting directors, actors, agents and managers and we are interested in knowing how they work and providing them with all the facilities to carry out their castings. Another interesting thing is that we adapt to the way of working in different cities and it excites us that we were pioneers in opening up these opportunities, because in the early 90’s there was nothing like it. We created an infrastructure with all the resources like computers, emails, and started working together.“

Susan Fox, CEO of Casting Workbook.

Casting Workbook offers a series of web solutions with the best market technology. Here, you will find an application that makes casting directors, agents, actors actresses, and producers’ work more productive.

“I think women think differently in terms of technology, my company is like a family and every person who works here has the desire to help the industry, I think women work with the heart and that helps a lot”, says Fox.

Thanks to this, the company has grown exponentially, today, Casting Workbook reaches the Spanish-speaking market with the goal of showcasing the talent of Latin American and Spanish actors to the rest of the world.

“Four years ago I had the dream of being in Mexico, but we have been learning and understanding how the industry works in this country because it is very different from the United States or Canada. We want to adapt our platform to the type of casting that is required. We believe that we needed to be in Mexico because Spanish-language film and television productions are really important and there is much to learn from this market. We are here to connect all Spanish-speaking actors with the entire world and our platform helps them work not only with local teams but with the rest of the world”, explains Susan Fox.

Thus, since 2021, the Spanish-speaking talent members of Casting Workbook have increased by more than 16,000 percent. This month, Susan Fox was in Mexico City to meet with different personalities in the entertainment industry of our country to collaborate together.

This article was translated directly from the Quién article written by Mari Tere Lelo de Larrea on Wednesday February 8, 2023.