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February 20 2024

Founder and CEO of Casting Workbook shares the company’s desire to bring its efficiency focus tools for casting to further territories in Latin America

An efficient tool with access to a network of 450,000 Spanish speaking actors worldwide is what Casting Workbook is bringing to Latin American markets, after already having established itself in Bogotá and Mexico City.

We are so excited to be further expanding into Latin America and all Spanish speaking countries,” says Susan Fox, founder and CEO of the company, present at Content Americas 2024.

Fox and her team are in Miami with a virtual presentation of the company’s technology, which makes it easier and more efficient for studios, networks, production companies, producers, casting directors, agents, and actors to collaborate on productions in real time.

We are only here to meet with the content creators, and to show them the whole platform as it funnels up and helps them with their efficiency,” says the executive.

We recognized that with all of the changes and big companies, there’s a lot of efficiency requirements,” says Fox. “We felt the need that there were things we could do.”

The company has a long history in the industry, starting in 1994 and evolving into a globally esteemed tech corporation and leader in casting technology across Canada, the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

Language-wise, we started doing Spanish some years ago,” explains Fox. “We started in Canada so we had French and English and we knew that the next language had to be Spanish. We launched in Spain in 2019 and later in Colombia and Mexico.” Today, they work with 90% of the casting directors in Mexico.

We call Miami, Bogotá and Mexico City the Spanish triangle,” she added.

Technology is the key that fuels that efficiency: “Before Youtube, we were invited to put video auditions on the web by 20th Century Fox. We did that and we built the system where you pass through the audition and it goes up to a big system, and all of that funnels into a platform for efficiency”.

We are very hands on and we use technology to do that, we serve films, television, commercials, theater and we have been doing this for decades,” added Fox.

Written by: ttvnews, from Miami, USA

About Casting Workbook:

For over two decades, Casting Workbook has been driving the industry forward with leading-edge enterprise casting software. By bridging essential communications between production, casting directors, agents, and their talent, we’ve worked with some of the biggest production studios including Disney, Netflix, Universal, HBO, Amazon Prime, Fox Features, Lionsgate, Sony, Nickelodeon, Televisa, Vix+ and many more.

Our global network consists of offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Madrid, and Bogota with Production, Casting, Agents, and Talent in 60 countries. Services are offered in English, French and Spanish. Our B2C service was recently ranked #1 globally as part of Help Scout’s annual Award Ranking of 12,000 companies in over 140 countries.

We offer innovative tools to help actors search jobs, submit self-tapes, work seamlessly with their agents, and develop their craft while they build their careers. Whether watching our popular Original Series programming, auditioning virtually through our Virtual Casting Room (VCR), or submitting a self tape on our top-rated mobile Actor App, our goal is to be the #1 casting software and service provider to actors, agents, and casting directors globally.

Media Contact: John McLean, President & COO.

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