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February 16 2024

Casting Workbook to offer the first, fully-free Submission & Self-Taping Service to all US SAG-AFTRA Members

Officially filed February 14th with the Union’s Membership & Benefits Section and now available online, Casting Workbook is stepping up to answer the call in the US for more equitable access to job opportunities.

This marks the first enterprise platform to respond fully to the request in the US for unpaid auditions.

LOS ANGELES, February 14, 2024 – Founder and CEO Susan Fox announced today in a landmark move that will transform casting in the U.S. market. Casting Workbook, a pioneer and global leader in providing entertainment casting technology, is offering US resident SAG-AFTRA members an equitable alternative to paid auditions and self-taping (Pay-to-Play). Self-taping has become the norm for many casting offices following the global pandemic, making in-room taping difficult or in some cases, impossible.

Once Members provide a valid SAG Membership number, they will be able to host 2 photos, their resumes, their complete profile and add their representatives. Non-repped members will receive web and mobile access to open jobs, scripts & sides as-well-as requested self-tapes. Talent representatives will be able to upload their entire roster and can submit unlimited submissions and requested self-tapes on behalf of their talent. Further, their talent can be made searchable and can be pitched and tracked.

SAG-AFTRA, the most distinguished entertainment and media union in the world, ratified a new contract in December 2023 for its members. One of the main issues was to ensure its members would not be forced to pay for auditioning, including self-taping. In response, Casting Workbook has reached out to industry members to ensure it assists members with these new guidelines.

“Casting Workbook is the most full-featured proprietary end-to-end casting platform in the world with all services uniquely available within a single enterprise eco-system. This means talent materials are shared among multiple applications for terrific exposure. We are thrilled to provide this offer to all US resident SAG-AFTRA Members. Sign-up for the service is fast and easy but any assistance required is always just a step away from our award-winning customer service teams. We are always innovating, and we recently rolled out a new platform for large scale streamers and distributors and we are now under contract with one of the largest content creators in the US. More releases to follow.” Susan Fox, Founder & CEO.

SAG-AFTRA Talent Offer (US Only)

About Casting Workbook:

For over two decades, Casting Workbook has been driving the industry forward with leading-edge enterprise casting software. By bridging essential communications between production, casting directors, agents, and their talent, we’ve worked with some of the biggest production studios including Disney, Netflix, Universal, HBO, Amazon Prime, Fox Features, Lionsgate, Sony, Nickelodeon, Televisa, Vix+ and many more.

Our global network consists of offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Madrid, and Bogota with Production, Casting, Agents, and Talent in 60 countries. Services are offered in English, French and Spanish. Our B2C service was recently ranked #1 globally as part of Help Scout’s annual Award Ranking of 12,000 companies in over 140 countries.

We offer innovative tools to help actors search jobs, submit self-tapes, work seamlessly with their agents, and develop their craft while they build their careers. Whether watching our popular Original Series programming, auditioning virtually through our Virtual Casting Room (VCR), or submitting a self tape on our top-rated mobile Actor App, our goal is to be the #1 casting software and service provider to actors, agents, and casting directors globally.

Media Contact: John McLean, President & COO.

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